Taaziadari Taaziadari
Salaam-o-Ya Ali Madad, There will be no live broadcast in this year. However, Video section of website is being updated on Taaziadari for year 1439 Hijri 2017. Please hit like to Taaziadari Page on Facebook for more shared material.


Ali Raza Surani

Download Name Play Size Duration
download Amma Fizza Teri
2.7 MB 5:56 min
download Lipat K roti hai
2.4 MB 5:16 min
download Kashti e Deen
2.6 MB 5:39 min
download Zainab kisey Pukarey
3.4 MB 7:21 min
download Tum Sabar Dikhana
4.1 MB 8:55 min
download Abid e Bemaar
3.1 MB 6:40 min
download Pukaroon gi Main
3.6 MB 7:48 min
download chahat Namaz ki
2.3 MB 4:54 min
download Shah Ki behan
2.7 MB 5:48 min
download Haye Sakina Haye sakina
0.3 MB 0:43 min